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R2 Companies ("R2") programmatically manages the real estate investment process from end to end; we cast a wide net to originate and underwrite the very best investment opportunities, act decisively when an attractive risk-adjusted investment presents itself, and execute a steadfast plan to create sustainable value. R2 is an opportunistic firm that invests its own capital alongside a select group of partners. R2 currently owns and operates over 3.0 million square feet of commercial real estate in Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis. Visit us for more information.

As people migrate back to urban cores, transforming urban relics are the answer to healing the downtown fabric of cities while providing authentic experiences for new generations living in and around them. The Milwaukee Post Office site exemplifies this potential. The site’s advantages are the ability to capitalize on its direct connection to riverfront and the 1.4 million people that pass through the adjacent multi-modal station annually. These features are the foundation to create a dynamic urban destination.
— Benjy Ward, Principal Gensler Architecture

What is the most interesting undeveloped building in a city? What is the most challenging? Often they are one and the same, and the most visible. They may have strengths disguised as flaws. Perhaps, legal or practical encumbrances, and entitlement, financial or timing obstacles that have prevented their development. These are the types of opportunities we spend a career looking for. We believe the Milwaukee Post Office is such an opportunity. It won’t be quick, and it certainly won’t be easy. But, it will happen eventually because of its intrinsic attributes, and because it makes sense for the City.
— Matt Garrison, Managing Principal R2 Cos.