Design Goals

Our Thought Process


1) Find an Identity

This site is carefully programmed to meet the needs of the users and become a fixture downtown, all while improving its function and maintaining the existing character. It fills the void within the heart of the city by becoming a destination.

2) Work With The City

Milwaukee has a rich history that has played a major part in the development of the city, with unique neighborhoods of differing character and qualities. The new program functions within the larger contextual fabric of the city.

3) LeveragE Proximity

The intermodal Station serves as a gateway to the city for Amtrak, Greyhound and MegaBus with over 1.4 Million visitors annually. A variety of programs are designed to ensure the success of the site as a transit-oriented development.

4) Engage the Edges

By activating the River and St. Paul Street, the site becomes a catalyst for change in the neighborhood and the city as a whole. It can anchor the development of Menomonee Valley's East Gateway while creating its own identity as the Station District.

Creating A Neighborhood

Welcome to the Station District